Wedding Guestbook - Video Photo Booth for Receptions and Events

  • Turn your iPad into a stunning video guestbook that will impress your guests and leave you with an incredible book of memories
  • Guests will enjoy leaving a personal video message, as well as signing a more traditional written message with their finger or a stylus
  • You will enjoy flipping through the pages, reliving the day as you watch the event unfold through videos and messages
  • Wedding Guestbook is also perfect for receptions, reunions, corporate events, anniversaries, school proms, birthday parties, graduations, baby showers and more!


Beautiful Design Looks Like a Real Book

Wedding Guestbook makes your iPad look and feel like a genuine guestbook. Flip through the pages like you were holding a bound paper copy in your hand!

Record Personal Video Messages

Your guests will love leaving you a genuine message in a more modern way.

Leave Signed Written Messages

Adding a signature gives the guest book a more traditional feel.

Watch Video Messages Right in the App

Relive the event while flipping through the guestbook and watching the messages directly in the book, or browse the videos in a custom album on the Photos app on your iPad.

Customize the Guest Book

The title and inner cover are fully customizable so you can make the book feel right for every occasion.

Create New Books for Different Events

Reuse Wedding Guestbook for all your social engagements! Create new books and keep lasting memories.

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